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We are professionals and only offer trades which we do for ourselves as well.

Our work is broadcasted live on the ProfiXone Capital fund.

The direct marketwith the largest set of tools

ProfiXone Capital provides direct access to tier-1 liquidity, offering its traders the largest liquidity pool and highest execution speed.

  • Forex 55
  • CRYPTO 100
  • INDICES 12
  • METALS 7
  • ENERGY 3
  • SHARES 250+
  • ETFs 7+

100% withdrawal of transactions all customers to the market

Live broadcast of the POSITION EXHIBIT

Account typeOnly professional terms and conditions for working without restrictions

  • 1 Margin account
  • from 0 Spreads
  • 12 ms Execution
  • 1:100 FX leverage
  • 1:5 Cryptos leverage

Account currency Deposit and withdrawal

Our traders trade any asset class with cryptocurrency accounts USDT & BTC..

Deposit fee
Withdrawal fee
No restrictions
No restrictions
determined by the blockchain
1 business day
determined by the blockchain
1 business day
No restrictions
No restrictions
determined by the blockchain
1 business day
determined by the blockchain
1 business day

Trading platform

Successful trading on financial markets starts with a user-friendly and functional trading platform. And ProfiXone Broker is the best choice for the modern trader!

Min lot 0.01
Max lot 1000
Support 24/7

Fees Professional minimum fees for all clients

Spot, Energy, FX Indicies, Stocks $35 Per million USD
Crypto 0,1% from order volume

Bestprice feed
on the market

STP prices for all trading instruments and assets

Liquidity aggregation

Offer only what we use ourselves

Affiliate Program

by ProfixOne Broker


The commission for the multilevel affiliate program is calculated as a percentage of the Companys income:

* from direct clients of the 1st level 20% of the Companys income.
* From tier 2 clients 15% of the Companys income.
* From tier 3 clients 10% of the Companys income.
* From tier 4 clients 10% of the Companys income.
* From tier 5 clients 5% of the Companys income.
1st line
2nd line
3rd line
4th line
5th line

Level 1 - payment of remuneration to clients who are directly in the Partners affiliate group. Level 2 - 5 - these are clients who are members of sub-affiliate groups.

Example of Partner Remuneration Calculation

Line Company income from line customers 5-tier program Partners remuneration for the month
1st level 2nd level 3rd level 4th level 5th level
1st $ 100 000 20% $ 20 000
2nd $ 100 000 15% $ 15 000
3rd $ 100 000 10% $ 10 000
4th $ 100 000 10% $ 10 000
5th $ 100 000 5% $ 5 000
Total payment to the partner $ 60 000

Risk Warning: Trading leveraged instruments, such as Forex and CFDs, carries a high level of risk. 58.42% of retail investor accounts lose money trading CFDs with this provider. You should not risk more than you can afford to lose - it is possible that you will lose more than the amount of your investment. You should not trade or invest if you do not fully understand the extent of your losses and the risks involved. You should always take your level of experience into account when trading or investing.


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